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Basset Hound Club of America.
Enjoyable Basset's page.
Many Basset friends and Great Basset links.
Fine Art Dog Prints
Internet dog houses and web pen homepages.
Daily Drool Basset Hound Pages
Basset Hound mailing list. There is pleasant social register.
Basset Hound Argentine Club
Very interesting Argentinean Basset Hound page.
Cool Basset Hound kennel in Japan.
Basset Hound Club of Victoria. Australia has a new Website. We have updated the old one and have lots of newstuff.
Merribas Kennel
Basset Hound show dog page in Australia.
Yarramba Basset Hounds
Breeders of Champion Basset Hounds in Australia for 30 Years. Members of the Basset Hound Club of Victoria.
Kennel Skin Deep
My name is Marit Jenssen, and I started out with Bassets in 1989. I have a small breeding of Bassets in Norway, and hope to have a few, but good Basset Hounds from both English and American lines. Hope you will enjoy seeing my dogs.
Basset Hound kennel in Germany Very fun site. In the "News paper" we can see a lot of Bassets.
Page of Basset Hound by the name of LOUICE. He is a son of LAFITE & ROCHER. There are a lot of pretty pictures.
(the Japanese language only)
Japanese Basset Hound site. Introduction of Basset Hound "Hime" "Ribbon" and their family and their friends.
(the Japanese language only)
Japanese Basset Hound site. Introduction "Fuh" and "Yuh". Book, Trip, and Post card.
(English and Japanese language)
cafe de BuBu
Fantastic cafe in Zao Japan. There's a comfortable space, sounds, aromas, and flavors. We have peace of mind there. How amazing! large variety of tea. "BuBu" means tea.
(the Japanese language only)
Mori no ie
Lovely inn in Hara village Nagano. Natural foods, homemade bread, various herb, berrys, many books of fairy tale, and clean bed.
(the Japanese language only)

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