1969 Bridgestone 350cc RoadRacer

Owend by Albert Lilley
I Race this machine in Vintage Class here in Canada.

We have a very strong following of Bridgestone & Marusho motorcyclists in North America and are very enthusiastic to keep the name of Bridgestone motorcycles alive so the new generation can enjoy these fantastic motorcycles which came from Japan in the early 1960's.

Please visit this webpage :-

At this site I keep 3 photo's of my 350 RoadRacer,

I live in Ontario Canada and race this 350R in Vintage Class.
My 1969 Bridgestone 350R has the following

- 18" Alum Rims
- Dry Clutch restored using Kelvar plates.
- 6 speed transmission
- Rotary Disc Valve induction
- VM34mm Mikuni roundslide
- Alum Cylinders,recoated with Nicasil
- Porting & Pipe development by TSR, see:-

Copyright (c)Albert Lilley 2001

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