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I am in the process of rebuilding my Suzuki T500. I have replaced a piston and rings. The replacement is slightly different from the original. I am concerned about the vibration this may cause. I may have to remove some aluminum to get them the same weight.

I also have electrical problems with the bike. I do not yet know if the alternator is bad or the rectifier - or both! The price of the replacement rectifier is outrageous, I will construct my own circuit.

I have already made a replacement left side cover. I measured the oil tank and formed a wooden plug to the same size. Then I vacuum formed plastic to make the cover. I also copied the 500 badge in the same way.

Jun 1997

The Suzuki is running but not good. I think I need to replace the other piston and rings (left side). I am still waiting for parts I ordered a month ago. UPS strike leaves me with no rectifier. I am running on the battery.

A friend sent me a rectifier from a spare bike. It lasted ten minutes. Today I went out and bought 6 diodes, I will try to make my own rectifier. I also made my own sidecover and badge. I will attach a picture of this.

Aug 1997

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