Tohatsu 50 twin 105Y
Jeroen van der Meer

I'm working on my Tohatsu , most of my work at the moment is gathering information and findig parts or finding out where i can have parts made , things are proceeding very well only it takes time but i found or know all the things i need exept a few things.

Some picts of my Tohatsu twin 50, they are not all sharp but it was my first time with a digital camera.

Left side view

Up side view

Remove the dry clutch

Crankcase cover

Cylinder head

Piston and carburetor

Up side view

Remove the cylinder

Crankshaft and gearbox

Up side view

Left side view

Right side view

Chassis slanting view

Front forks

Front view

Engine on the chassis

Tohatsu 50 twin 105Y
1962 Air cooled Two cylinder 2 stroke piston valve engine.
Bore:Stroke 31:33mm 49.8cc 6speed. 68kg.

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