Four seasons of the BASSET
Vol 4
==== Winter ===

Quiet sea.
We have dream of the sprimg in winter. But, we must be dream of the summer when spring has come.

A warm climate. We melting into a sunlight.
1999. Shizuoka. Japan.

We walk leisurely, The sound of the sea get ahead of us.
1999. Shizuoka. Japan.

Do you wish keep your composure like a tranquil sea?
1999. Shizuoka. Japan.

Gray world under the cloudy sky.

In the cloudy landscape, I lost myself. I don't know what I must look for. Winter seizes my foot.

On the dry cascade. Going downstream.
2000. Chiba. Japan.

I went in search the water, and went in search the colors at this gray world.
2000. Chiba. Japan.

I can imagine the water fill up this cascade in the summertime.
Water exist in my heart from the beginning. And, colors exist in my heart forever.
2000. Chiba. Japan.

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