Four seasons of the BASSET
Vol 5
==== Spring ====

The empty air

When my last moments, illusions will visit me from the empty air. It's a old my friends. I will also change into an illusion. I will be able to see and talk them. I'm looking forwoard the day.

We have never a snow in the early spring, only loneliness is falling now.
2001. Fukushima. Japan.

In the springtime, I heard that everything start live. Look ,listen, and scent.
2001. Fukushima. Japan.

Stillness in a mountain village.
2001. Fukushima. Japan.

searching the spring

When I wish find the spring, I will watch the BASSET. They search the spring, find and see. Perhaps also spring may be looking for the BASSET.

Follow the trace of the spring.
2001. Yamagata. Japan.

2001. Yamagata. Japan.

Fallen leaves of last year meet a verdure now.
2001. Yamagata. Japan.

River carrying the spring to lower reaches of a stream.
BASSET trod on the frog spawn here.
2001. Fukushima. Japan.

Long staircase.
2001. Fukushima. Japan.

An illusion settled at the stone image path. They talking to BASSET.
2001. Yamagata. Japan.

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